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2020 CSA Week 11

Hi Everyone,

Things are going pretty well at the farm. We're in high summer and everything is really producing! The days are hot, but the evenings are cooling off with a hint of autumnal weather. The zinnias are in full bloom, the squash and tomatoes are loaded, and the onions and winter squash and potatoes are looking very promising. We pulled some early white onions yesterday and they were huge! The size of softballs! We continue to tackle weeding projects, stay on top of harvesting, and are working on getting the final plantings in for fall crops. Other than that, there's not too much to report! I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the summer weather while it's here.

In Your Bag:

Summer Squash


Green Cabbage

Red Onions


Poblano Peppers


Cherry Tomatoes




Here are some recipe ideas to try:

Pesto is a wonderfully versatile thing- it's great on pasta, obviously, but also on pizza or toast, or used as a condiment. With a food processor, it's really a snap to make, and if (like me) you're not excited about springing for pine nuts, walnuts make a perfectly good substitution. It's better to splurge on good oil or decent cheese than the nuts, in my opinion.

I like this tasty recipe from the Moosewood- it has bright, fresh flavors and is a very satisfying dinner.

One thing about farming is that when the season is at its height and the crops are at their most productive, is precisely when you have the least amount of time to cook. Sue created this meal- we call it a Farmer's Ratatouille. It's essentially a casserole made up of layers of summer veggies. It's easy, delicious, and is simple to alter based on the amounts of the veggies that you have.

I love green beans. I think I've mentioned that before. And I love good Chinese food, when I can get it. This recipe is a great way to cook beans Sichuan-style, and uses garlic and scallions (aka green onions) if you have any left from last week.

Have a great week! Sarah VanNorstrand

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