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2020 CSA Week 9

Hi Everyone,

Things are going pretty well at the farm. We're continuing to tackle weeding projects between rain showers, and when it does rain, we work on keeping the greenhouses in good shape. We got the tomatoes tied up again. They're about halfway to the roof, so pretty good for the end of July! By the end of August, they will be towering above us and we'll need ladders to pick tomatoes. Farming is about constant transitions and transformations. We start the tomato seeds inside in late March/Early April, and tend them carefully as they grow under the lights with heat mats to keep them warm. And then there is the repotting, the transplanting out into the greenhouse, and then we tie them to strings that hang from rafters and keep tying them up and pruning excess branches as they grow taller. It's quite a process! But so, so worth it when the tomatoes start really producing. We're getting very close to having enough to send out! I can't wait!

In Your Bag:

Salad Mix

Green and Yellow Beans

Summer Squash

White Onions

Green Peppers (they may also be yellow/green, or purple, but are all considered "green" peppers)



Eggplant (Thursday folks)

Here are some recipe ideas to try:

1) Sauteed Green Beans and Corn

I love green beans, as we've already established, and I love sweet corn, and together, they are a magical combination!

2) Chocolate Zucchini Snack Cake

Zucchini is a very versatile veggie, and it works really well in sweet things- such as zucchini bread, or this easy cake with some chocolate thrown in to seal the deal.

3) Gallo Pinto (Costa Rican Beans and Rice)

I was lucky enough to spend a couple weeks birding in Costa Rica a few years ago, and not only did I fall in love with the birds and the landscape, but I couldn't get enough of the food! I could eat that cuisine the rest of my life and be totally content. When I saw the white onions this week and the green peppers, I thought it would be great to use them to make a version of Gallo Pinto, which is great with a fried egg for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Have a great week! Sarah VanNorstrand

for Lucky Moon Farm

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