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2020 CSA Week 3

Hi Everyone,

It's only the middle of June, but it feels more like early August! We've had a spell of hot, dry weather at the farm that has been a dream for making hay, though it is a bit rough on the spring crops and summer transplants. Luckily, the soil has held its moisture pretty well, though we could definitely do with some rain now. Maybe we'll get our wish tonight! We're continuing to harvest out of the greenhouse, and as soon as one crop is finished, we turn around and plant it to a summer crop. Where we had broccoli, we now have eggplant growing, and where we had a bed of spinach that finished up, we put in cucumbers. Every bit of space is valuable!

This week we have more greens, as well as some young beets and some heads of romaine lettuce. The peas are growing, the summer squash and beans are up and loving the hot weather, and the other summer veggies are on their way!

In Your Bag:

Salad Mix


Beets with Greens


Here are some recipe ideas to try:

Spinach and Polenta may be two of my favorite things, so naturally, they go well together!

It's hard to beat the satisfaction of the classic caesar salad, and with romaine fresh from the farm, now's the time to whip one up at home!

There are more beets on their way, but this first sampling can be cooked up with the greens for a fresh spring treat!

Have a great week! Sarah VanNorstrand

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