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2020 CSA Week 1

Hello! Welcome to the 2020 season of the Lucky Moon Farm CSA. We're so glad you've joined us for another adventure in farming in Upstate NY, especially during these strange times. To our returning members, thank you for your support, and to our new members, thank you for giving us a try. We will do our best to get you fresh, high quality produce grown in a sustainable way, and we appreciate you subscribing to our farm as our customers for the season. Small and local agriculture can be (part of) a solution to the problems inherent in a globalized food system, and without local support, it wouldn't be possible. So thank you!

The month of May was a rollercoaster of weather. I'm sure you remember the snow on Mother's Day and afterwards, and then temperatures in the 90s a few days later! But things have settled in a bit and we're steadily getting the season's crops in the ground. Thanks to the greenhouse, we have a wonderful selection of greens for our first week. We are also giving out bags of last year's potatoes that we've had stored in our walk-in cooler. They are still quite useable and would be great in a potato salad. But don't leave them on the counter for long as they will start sprouting pretty quickly.

In Your Bag:

Salad Mix


Asian Greens or Kale

Chinese Cabbage

Potatoes (Last year's- so use them right away)


Garlic Chives

Just a reminder that while we do wash the greens and spin them dry, the occasional weed or lady bug might make it into your bags. We do our best to prevent such occurrences, and we hope you'll see it as proof of our organic growing methods if you end up with something extra in your salad mix. As always, it's a good idea to give things a quick visual inspection or a rinse before consuming.

We pack things in plastic produce bags, which are reusable (by you) and recyclable (if clean and dry) at most grocery stores. We're investigating other more sustainable methods of packing your veggies, but with the current situation with Covid-19, we've decided not to attempt a bunch of reusable items that would need to be carefully disinfected. Because of that, we are also going to be sending your veggies home to you in paper grocery bags. Feel free to reuse them yourself (they last a long time!). We stocked up on enough to use a new bag for you each week, so no need to return them.

Remember pickup is 5 to 7 on Thursday at the farm; please give us a call if you need to arrange another time. I think that's all the logistics! Thanks again, and here's hoping for a great season!

All the best,

Sarah VanNorstrand

for Lucky Moon Farm

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