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Week 8

Hi everyone,

I love this time of the summer- the tomatoes and eggplant and peppers are just getting started, the beans and beets and carrots are maturing, and the supply of squash seems limitless. So much bounty! And it will continue like this, with any luck, until the cold weather arrives.

We did a lot of weeding this week. The crops are growing well, but of course, so are the weeds, so a lot of our time goes towards trying to keep them in check. We mostly succeed...

In Your Bag:

Salad Mix


Purple Scallions

Summer Squash


Green & Yellow Beans


Here are some recipe ideas to try:

1) Zucchini and Carrots with Walnuts

Here's a simple, healthy side or easy lunch.

2) Baba Ganoush

A Mediterranean eggplant equivalent of hummus, this is a delicious dip or spread for sandwiches or pita.

3) Zucchini Parmesan

If you've got some of that summer squash piling up, this is a great way to turn it all into a tasty dinner!

4) Grill It!!

If you like to get the grill going this time of year, definitely add some veggies to the rotation. It's easy to do, and grilling, like roasting, is a great way to cook many many kinds of vegetables. Here's a basic recipe to use as a reference.

All the best,

Sarah VanNorstrand

for Lucky Moon Farm

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