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Week 11

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another week at the farm. I know for many families, it feels like the beginning of the end of summer, what with school starting up soon and all, but on the farm, it's still the height of summer. The peppers are finally starting to ripen, and the tomatoes are cranking out quite the crop. The potatoes are proving to be quite productive, and the onions are drying down nicely.

Just a reminder that the tomatoes we're sending out to you are delicious heirloom varieties, for the most part, which means they taste wonderful but are quite fragile. We do our best to pack them in as careful a way as possible, but make sure you treat them gently until you get them home. They will do best sitting on a dish towel on the counter until you're ready to use them. And whenever you can send us back those green berry containers, we're glad to reuse them or compost them as needed.

Another trick to get the most from your produce is to put a folded piece of paper town in with the bagged greens, beans, squash or herbs and then close them up again. The paper towel helps absorb extra water and will lengthen the life of your veggies. Also, those plastic bags are reusable (if you rinse them out and let them fully dry) or you can return them (again, when clean and dry) to places like Wegmans or other grocery stores. Thanks for helping us reduce, reuse and recycle!


In Your Bags:

Salad Mix

Swiss Chard




Red-Skin Potatoes

White Onions

Green Peppers

1 Sweet Pepper

Parsley and Mint

Sweet Basil and Lemon Basil


Cherry Tomatoes

Lots of herbs and some greens and some hearty potatoes and peppers! Here are some recipe ideas:

Here's a tasty, easy way to prepare Swiss Chard.

This comes from my beloved Joy of Cooking book, which is my go-to for just about everything that has to do with cooking.

This is a Turkish dish similar to Ratatouille in nature. It uses a lot of the veggies from this week, and ones that you may still have left over from previous weeks (eggplant, carrots, cilantro, etc). As always, feel free to make substitutions or personal variations! This recipe has many many different versions out there.

All the good things in one dish! I love lasagna for that reason...

Well, enjoy the summer days, whether you're starting to transition to a fall schedule or not.

All the best,

Sarah VanNorstrand

for Lucky Moon Farm

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