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Week 9

Hi everyone,

It's another hot summer week! But I guess it's good to enjoy it while it's here, even if I feel like the humidity is a little unnecessarily high... But at least the vegetables really like it. The hot days and warm nights are just what squash, beans, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers love and they're really thriving. Sue and Claude dug the garlic over the weekend, and it's a beautiful crop with large bulbs and very few duds. Also, their new calf was born on Friday! He doesn't have a name yet, and I don't have a picture, but he's very cute and both calf and Rosie (his mama) are doing well.

We have some nice peppers this week; some jalapenos (small and dark green) and a sweet bell pepper called Islander, which comes in a stunning shade of purple. When they are purple, they taste like a green bell pepper, though I find them a tad sweeter than a generic green pepper. They will eventually turn orangey-red, but it will be a few more weeks before that starts happening. We also have some cucumbers this week, to grace your salads and sandwiches and some hefty beets.

Now that you're receiving tomatoes weekly, you'll be getting a bunch of those green berry boxes or plastic clamshell containers. We'd love to reuse those boxes as much as possible, so we ask that you put empty ones in your bags when you return them. It helps us reduce our consumption as a farm and can get the full life-span out of those cardboard boxes. Thanks very much!


In Your Bag:

Salad Mix


Green & Yellow Beans

Summer Squash


Cherry Tomatoes

Purple Peppers

Jalapeno Peppers





Lemon Basil

So many veggies! So many options! Here are some recipe ideas:

Sweet corn is pretty easy to find right now, and it's a real treat! Here's a way to use it with those beans and tomatoes.

Andrew and I love Costa Rican food, and this is a classic at our house. We made it last night and used some purple Islander peppers and jalapenos that I had from my garden. So tasty! We always top it with some tomatillo salsa and a fried egg.

Beets and Arugula go really well together, and some creamy goat cheese just seals the deal.

I love crispy garlic, and with the freshly--dug bulbs, it will be especially good.

Have a great week!

All the best,

Sarah VanNorstrand

for Lucky Moon Farm

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