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Week 8

Hi everyone,

Happy August! It's hard to believe July has already come and gone, yet here we are. We've had some nice weather for getting things done, and the to-do list is steadily getting crossed off, though it seems like new jobs are added at a faster rate than we can keep up with. But that's summer, for you!

We have our first eggplant this week, and our first sandwich tomatoes, too. Next week will likely have some peppers!


In Your Bag:

Salad Mix




Tomatoes & Cherry Tomatoes


Summer Squash


Cinnamon Basil

Some nice full bags this week! And lots of great items to cook some tasty meals. As I'm writing, my husband is in the kitchen sauteing up some beans, squash, onions, garlic and kale to go over pasta. It smells delicious! Here are some recipe ideas.

1) Lucky Moon Ratatouille

This is a creation of Sue's, and she doesn't mess around in the kitchen! I highly recommend it.

2) Andrew's Egg Foo Young

A simple version of Egg Foo Young that my husband likes to make (and i like to eat!)

3) Zucchini with Carrots and Walnuts

A quick, tasty, healthy side dish.

4) Braised Kale with Smoked Almonds

This is from on of our long-time CSA Members, and she swears by it!

5) Lemony Kale Shreds with Salty Cheese

Another Kale recipe shared by a CSA Member. Sounds good!

6) Basil Chicken Coconut Curry

This looks like a great dish to use that Cinnamon Basil. Or, if you're in for something a tad more adventurous, try.....

7) Cinnamon Basil Chocolate Mousse (with Cinnamon Basil Whipped Cream)

Ok, so this looks a bit adventurous, but the NYT cooking folks haven't steered me wrong before. Give it a whirl!

Have a great week!

All the best,

Sarah VanNorstrand

for Lucky Moon Farm

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