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Week 5

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the missing blog last week- I was away in California for some work. But I'm back, and boy is it hot and dry! I'm not one to complain about a warm summer, but I do hope we get some rain fairly soon. Things are growing well, but everything could use a bit of water at this point.

Other than that, there isn't too much to report this week. Weeding is the main job now, while eagerly checking the summer squash, beans, peppers and tomatoes for the first ripe fruits. It won't be long, now!


In Your Bags:

Salad Mix

Asian Greens

Beet Greens


Pearl Onions

Sugar Snap Peas

Snow Peas

Some tasty items this week- I love the peas! They don't last for long, but they are so incredible while they're here. Even the farm dogs love them. Kizmet, Shorty and Shiloh all wait hopefully beside the pea patch when we're picking, waiting for us to toss them a pea or two that's past it's best. I think the pearl onions are best just by simply roasting them whole. Take off the thin outer later of skin, slice off the root area, drizzle with oil

and pop them in the oven.

1) Eggs and Garlicky Beet Greens

This looks like a great breakfast or simple dinner! I love eggs and greens-

2) Stir Fry Pork with Snow Peas and Citrus Soy Sauce

This is a Wegmans recipe, so feel free to translate the ingredients list into non-brand name items. This would also be very tasty with tofu!

3) Red Beet Risotto with Greens and Goat Cheese

If you have any beets left over from last week, this looks like a tasty way to use those greens! This would work well with either the Asian Greens (for a spicier taste) or the Beet Greens (for a more earthy, mellow flavor).

4) Caramelized Pearl Onions

This is one way to cook those onions, and the recipe has a handy tip for how to peel them easily.

5) Sugar Snap Peas with Garlic

A quick, easy way to make a side dish out of snap peas. If you have any left from just eating them out of hand...

Have a great week!

All the best,

Sarah VanNorstrand

for Lucky Moon Farm

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