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Week 12

Hi everyone,

Sue & Claude made it safely back from their trip to Alaska, and I managed to keep the farm afloat (just barely!) while they were gone. Of course, just because we paused the CSA for a week didn't mean that the vegetables took a break. So we have lots of beautiful veggies for you in your bags this week!

Often people think that as we approach and pass Labor Day that summer is over, but the vegetables keep on cranking for quite a while. The cucumbers have really slowed down, though, so you can expect to see the last of them in the next week or so. So enjoy them while they're in season. But the tomatoes will keep on producing for quite a while.


In Your Bag:

Salad Mix

Summer Squash



Cherry Tomatoes

Beans- Green & Yellow


Mixed Onions



Mixed Basil Bouquet


Beautiful vegetables! I especially enjoyed picking the Basil today — it's a mix of Cinnamon, Thai, and Genovese Basil. They have a spicier scent and add a wonderful bright flavor to Asian dishes, in particular (though you can use them in any recipe calling for basil — they aren't that different). But if you are making something Thai or Indian, for example, these are great basils to add to your dish!

We gave out a lot of Cherry Tomatoes today. For those of you who eat them like candy, I hope you enjoy them. But if you feel a little overwhelmed by them all, a quick meal I make when I have too many little cherries is to sauté them in a skillet or roast them in the oven until they are a little blackened and blistering a bit. Toss them with pasta, olive oil, cheese and sea salt, and you have a delicious dinner!

Here's a recipe if you want to follow some more specific directions:

Penne with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Other than that, it's all pretty self-explanatory, so dig in! Here are some more recipe ideas:

1) Balsamic Roasted Carrots

A simple roasting recipe for carrots. No need to dress them up too much- they taste pretty great with minimal treatment.

2) Zucchini and Carrots w/ Walnuts

This looks simple and satisfying! I love zucchini and carrots together- they are a great pair.

3) Turlu Turlu

This is a Turkish recipe that I discovered a few years ago. It's a great combination of wonderful vegetables. Try it out, I bet you'll like it!

4) Zucchini Parmesan

A quick and tasty way to cook up that Zucchini and summer squash! Yum!

So we're back in the swing of things, and we'll be working hard to bring you more of the season's best!

Sarah VanNorstrand

for Lucky Moon Farm

#basil #carrots #balsamic #cherrytomatoes #penne #eggplant #zucchini

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