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Know your tomatoes


My little sister (who's not so little anymore...) has expressed disbelief at the idea that tomatoes come in other colors than red, and I realize that many of the varieties that we grow at Lucky Moon are fairly unusual. So here's a list of the tomatoes that we have grown at the farm, and where I can, I'll include a picture:

Sandwich Tomatoes


Ever popular, large pink tomato.

Probably the most famous of the Heirloom tomatoes


Aunt Ruby's German Green

Green tomato that's beautiful when sliced.

Has a faint yellow-pink blush on the blossom end.


Striped German

Rainbow tomato!

Black Krim tomato

Black Krim ​​

Dark purple tomato.

Jubilee tomato




Green Zebra tomato

Green Zebra

Small round tomatoes.

They turn faintly yellow with dark green stripes.

Rose de Berne tomato

Rose de Berne

Perfect small round tomatoes that are a lovely rose-pink color.



(aka Sauce tomatoes)

Good for sauce or fresh eating!

Amish Paste tomato

Amish Paste

Large, dark red, ox heart tomatoes.

(apparently the way they are shaped, but

I've never seen an ox's heart, thankfully)

Orange Banana paste tomato

Orange Banana

Medium-sized, oval, orange tomatoes.

San Marzano paste tomato

​​San Marzano

Smooth oval , red tomatoes.

They are the classic Italian paste tomato.



So sweet and juicy!

Sungold cherry tomatoes


Our favorite.

Sweet orange bites of heaven.

Fargo Yellow Pear tomatoes

Fargo Yellow Pear

Not the most flavorful,

but the yellow pear-shaped fruits are so cute!


Black Cherry

Dark purple, and very sweet.

Principe de Bourghese

Principe de Borghese

Italian-type, dark red with a pointed end.

Very good tomato flavor.

Sweet Chelsea cherry tomatoes

Sweet Chelsea

Large round, red cherry.

Has a wonderfully sweet flavor.

Juliet cherry tomatoes


Plants produce loads of firm, oval, blemish-free tomatoes.

Great for drying, slicing in salads, adding to pasta or just eating fresh.


If you'd like to have the above info for your own kitchen reference, here's a link to a printable version:


Bon Appétit! Sarah

Sarah VanNorstrand

for Lucky Moon Farm

#tomatoes #tutorial

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