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Week 9

zinnia bed
view of Fenner across the valley

Hi everyone,

It's August, somehow. I always feel this way in the summer — the weeks just fly by! I wish they would do that in February and March... but it's high summer now, for sure!

The summer veggies are finally here- — beans, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, and peppers. It's a big relief. And Sue & Claude managed to get all of their first cutting hay done, which is also a big relief. So here's to the hot, sunny weather!

Mr Tubbs

We had a great Open Farm Day on Saturday. We had over 300 people visit, including some of you! Thanks for coming by to say hello and see the place — it was fun to show folks around and Mr. Tubbs, one of the cats (by far the friendliest at the farm) had the day of his life. He laid out in the yard and received pets and admiration from many of our visitors.

Sue harvesting garlic

We'll be getting the garlic out this week. It's quite the project, because we have 9 beds of garlic, each with about 250 bulbs in it. So that's about 2250 garlic bulbs to pull and hang in the barn rafters to dry. They are one vegetable that has done well with all the rain — the bulbs are all pretty good sized. We pulled some today for your bags, and they smell so great! The whole barn smells like great food when the garlic comes in.

sungold  cherry tomatoes

In your bag:

Salad Mix


Beet Greens



Tomatoes (1 slicer and some cherries—more to come soon!)

Summer Squash


Beans (Green & Yellow)

Hot Peppers - (Yellow ones=Hungarian Hotwax, Black ones=Czech Black, Green ones=Jalapenos)

Lots of tasty things this week! Lots of possibilities for meals, too. Here are some recipes that come to mind:

1) Arugula Peach Salad

This is a Wegmans recipe that calls for Arugula, beans and grape (aka cherry) tomatoes. And peaches, of course. Sounds like a lovely summer salad.

2) Sarah's Summer Pasta

I make variations on this meal a lot in the summer. I keep a pretty big garden at home (because I"m an addict) and I use whatever is ready to top pasta. Some of my favorite combos are summer squash, onions, garlic, cherry tomatoes (roasted in the oven or blistered in a skillet on the stovetop) and cannellini beans. I love pasta with cannellini beans—it's so tasty and satisfying! Beans and greens are also a great combo, so that arugula or those beet greens would go well with it too.

2) Zucchini Parmesan

A great way to use a bunch of summer squash at once (you can use the green zucchini and the yellow summer squash interchangeably)

green and wax (yellow) beans

4) Green Beans with Garlic Chips & Olive Oil

I love green beans- pretty much in any form. This recipe caught my eye, and it would be delicious with the fresh garlic in your bag this week.

Enjoy the fine weather! Make sure you get a full dose of summer while we have it! Swimming, ice cream, cook outs, bonfires, hikes, camping, boating—whatever summer means to you!

All the best,

Sarah VanNorstrand

for Lucky Moon Farm

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