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Week 1

spring dandelions

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the 2016 growing season! If this is your first time in our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture, FYI), thanks for joining us! We hope you enjoy partnering directly with a local farmer. We'll work hard to grow truly superb produce for you and your family to enjoy.

In the bags this week are a variety of tasty greens and other spring treats.


Here's the lineup:

Salad Mix






I love the spring greens - after a drab, long, grey winter, those vibrant, juicy leaves are packed with all sorts of goodness! So make a big bowl of salad, or a skillet of wilted spinach or a pasta with arugula pesto and restore some green to your menu.

radishes ready to be harvested


I don't usually consider myself a radish fan - the flavor of them raw is a bit sharp for my taste. Though I know they are great to pep up a salad or toss in a stir fry for some spicy crunch. But, if like me, you've never been in love with the little red beauties, why not try roasting them with some butter and maple syrup? I had never seen this before, but I was at an event where I was volunteering in the kitchen, and my job was to sauté radishes in butter and maple syrup until they were soft. They were completely transformed into sweet, tender root veggies that made a beautiful and tasty side dish.

I don't have the exact recipe, but here's a similar one I found where you bake the radishes:

Maple Baked Radishes from Mother Earth News

rhubarb stalks


One of my all time favorite things- It seems like such improbable food. If you've never seen a rhubarb plant, it's a giant mess of big leathery leaves and red/green stalks. We eat the stalks (never the leaves, because they are mildly poisonous) and when raw, they taste really sour and are crunchy and rather unappetizing. But pair rhubarb with strawberries, blueberries, or just a fair bit of sugar and it's delicious.

So, off to do more planting! This time of year is a big rush to get everything seeded and transplanted right on schedule. The peas are up, the beans are planted and tomorrow we transplant the outdoor tomatoes.

So enjoy your veggies and we'll see you next week!

All the best,

Sarah VanNorstrand

for Lucky Moon Farm

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