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Week 16


Hi everyone,

It really feels like fall now - I've been apple picking, I'm making loads of applesauce, and my living room is filling up with onions that need cleaning and garlic to be braided (and soon baskets of dry beans and crates of winter squash). It gets pretty crowded :>)


Here's what you have this week:

Tomatoes (starting to slow down a bit)

Cherry Tomatoes

Yellow Onion

Salad Mix


Baby Bok Choi


Sweet Peppers

(even the long red wrinkly ones- they're an Italian heirloom frying pepper)

Summer Squash for some (we'll be distribute it as it comes in)

The bok choi and peppers would be nice in a stir fry together...

I stopped by Adams Acres last weekend - it's a local organic apple orchard, and they have some really nice looking apples! They're located between Pompey and Jamesville off of Sweet Road. For better directions, be sure to visit their website: Adams Acres

An organic apple orchard is a real rarity these days, so if you get the chance, stop by and pick a peck! They need our support to stay open and operating.

Have a great week!

Sarah VanNorstrand

for Lucky Moon Farm

#bokchoi #UPick #apples

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