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Week 13

asters and golden rod

Hello again,

August is drawing to a close - the days are getting shorter, the asters and goldenrod are blooming, and for many of you, the school season is starting up again. Best of luck!

But the season is far from over at the farm. We picked a whopping 500 pounds of tomatoes this week - we don't have enough table space for them all! And the eggplant keep producing like there's no tomorrow. The squash and cucumbers are doing well and the beans are becoming more productive with the hotter weather. And we're getting the first broccoli, too. The veggies are far from being done!


In your bags this week:

Summer squash


Cherry tomatoes


Salad mix

Cilantro (Tuesday folks get this, Thursday folks had it last week)



Red onions


One of our CSA members told Sue about an eggplant 'meat'ball recipe she's tried a few times and really enjoys. I was immediately intrigued because I love eggplant, but I don't have enough recipes for it and I love meatballs, but I'm mostly a vegetarian.

I don't have her exact recipe yet (though I'm hoping to get it), but here are some recipes I found online for "Polpette di Melanzane" (sounds better than eggplant meatballs).

1) Eggplant Meatballs

2) Polpette di Melanzane

spiral cut "noodles"

And another CSA member told me about a new gadget he and his wife just bought that they've been enjoying. Here's what he says:

"Here's a link to the spiral cutter I told you about. We are loving it so far! We put spicy Thai peanut sauce over cucumber noodles, Indian potatoes over squash noodles, and Chinese leftovers over squash/zucchini noodles."

So I guess if you really can't figure out what to do with that zucchini, you can make noodles for your eggplant meatballs :>)

Hope you all have a good week - happy eating!

Sarah VanNorstrand

for Lucky Moon Farm

#eggplant #meatballs #spiralslicer

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