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Week 11

sunflower and phlox bouquet

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the late post- I was making another batch of pickles and it took me a bit longer than I thought it would... a common occurrence when I'm canning :>)


Anyways, your vegetables this week:

Red-skin potatoes


Mixed Beans

Summer Squash

Mixed Basil

White Onion

Cherry Tomatoes

Regular Tomatoes

Salad Mix

linquine eggplant ragout

Things are going pretty well at the farm. Sue's peach trees are loaded and we started picking some of them yesterday. I believe we'll have some for sale at the farm if you're interested in getting some peaches. They're not as big as Georgia peaches, but they're not too shabby for upstate NY!​​

1) Linguine with Eggplant Ragout

Here's a nice looking pasta recipe with roasted eggplant, basil and tomatoes (it calls for canned, but fresh would work too). You could also easily add zucchini to this or broiled cherry tomato halves.

2) Zucchini Soup

And here's an interesting summer soup to try- the reviews were very good.

Remember to check back on previous blogs for other recipe ideas.

Happy cooking!


Sarah VanNorstrand

for Lucky Moon Farm

#eggplant #ragout #zucchini #soup #linuine

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