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Week 7

sugar snap peas

Hi everyone,

Whew! It's hot. Summer is really ramping up now and the real summer veggies are starting to come on. It won't be too long before zucchini, tomatoes and beans! Because of the heat, remember to get your veggies home and in the fridge as soon as possible. They chilled in our walk-in cooler for a while, but they don't appreciate being out in the heat once they're harvested.

snow peas

​​Here's what you have this week:​​​

Snow Peas (wide, flat pod)

Sugar Snap Peas (thick, fat pods)

Salad Mix

Swiss Chard

Carrots Garlic

swiss chard


​I've had a few people ask me about ways to use Swiss Chard, and here are a few more ideas:

in a salad,

chopped up in a stir fry,

in a quiche,

in a frittata, or

sautéed with cheese on top...

Here's a recipe I just found online that looks really tasty and simple:

Roasted Swiss Chard with Feta

Hope you all can stay cool but still get out and enjoy the sunshine! Swimming is an ideal method :>) Best,

Sarah VanNorstrand

for Lucky Moon Farm


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