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Happy Farm Day!

Hi everyone,

Today Lucky Moon Farm took part in Madison County Agriculture's Open Farm Day. This is the first year Lucky Moon has been involved in the program, though I think this is its third year running.

Open Farm Day is the feature event of the county's "Eat Local Week." We spent many hours getting the farm looking its best and we were lucky to have good weather and lots of visitors! THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the farm and had a look around. It was nice meeting you and it was fun showing everyone who visited what Lucky Moon Farm is all about. I was really impressed by how many people decided to take part in the giant farm open house that included 37 farms and 3 farmers' markets.

If I hadn't been busy helping out at Lucky Moon today, I would have loved to visit some of the farms on the list. Really, without a program like this, I would never have known about a lot of the places that were on the list of farms to visit.

If you're interested in finding a local spot to get beef, pork, lamb, chicken, eggs, vegetables, miniature donkeys, organic grains, flour, lambs fleeces, yogurt, milk or even elk meat, then I suggest you take a look at the website. There are links to information about each one of the farms, and if you download the "passport" that people used today, then you can read a little bio/description about each one of the farms. I hope all of you who traveled around today had fun and hopefully found some local folks who produce some of the food you need.

Lucky Moon Farm sign

For the rest of the season, we're planning on having a farm stand open on Saturdays (sorry if I told anyone differently today) and we'll be offering a variety of vegetables, including tomatoes, in the coming weeks. The "stand" will actually be inside the sugar shed which is the first building on the left as you pull into the driveway. It will usually be a serve-yourself kind of thing, but the veggies will be fresh and tasty! [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]

For those of you in our CSA, the tomatoes are starting to pour in and it's time to get out all those great tomato recipes that you've been saving up! Here's a dinner that Andrew and I had the other night – seems rather gourmet for such a simple supper:

cherry tomatoes

whole wheat pasta

olive oil

salt and pepper

oregano and basil

grated Romano/Parmesan cheese

Slice up a bunch of cherry tomatoes and toss them in with some whole wheat pasta (really good flavor!), olive oil, salt and pepper, some oregano and basil (I had some in the herb garden) and a little Romano/Parmesan cheese for the top. Oh, and so you don't lose any of the juicy goodness, make sure to slice your tomatoes over the bowl in which you toss the pasta, oil and herbs!

So, I'm looking for a good tomato sauce recipe if any of you have one that won't cause you to be disowned by your family if you share it. I know these recipes can be closely guarded family heirlooms. :>

Have a nice weekend everyone –

Sarah VanNorstrand

for Lucky Moon Farm

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