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...End of the Season...

Hello everyone –

This is Lucky Moon Farm's first official web presence. My name is Sarah and I help out Sue and Claude Braun on the farm and I offered to start this blog so people could find out more about Lucky Moon and what it has to offer.

Lucky Moon Farm is located on Lincklaen Road, in the rolling hills just outside of Cazenovia, NY. It's a vegetable farm that has a seasonal CSA (subscription farming - but I'll explain more about that later), that also offers fresh eggs year-round, flower bouquets, hay, maple syrup and homemade braids of Lucky Moon's famous garlic. (These make really great Christmas gifts, by the way)

Sue and Claude have been farming here since 1992 and they use organic methods with absolutely zero chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Instead, they use cover crops, compost, natural mineral and rock powders, and organic fertilizers. The difference in the produce is amazing! As far as the flavor goes, it's a whole other world compared to the stuff you get in the produce aisle. You have to taste it to believe it...

So there's plenty more to come. Even though the season is about over by now (middle of October), the planning for next year's garden is just beginning.


If you're interested in getting involved with the CSA for next year, please get in touch with us. It helps with the planning so Sue and Claude can get a better estimate of how much seed they need to get for next year.

Sue and Claude at:

I hope everyone is enjoying their fall as much as I am!

Sarah VanNorstrand

for Lucky Moon Farm

PS Stay Tuned - I'll be writing about what the CSA is all about, next...

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